75 Years of St. Ann's Church

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Our gratitude is due to the Jesuit priests of Ahemdabad Province who initiated spiritual service and Eucharistic celebration. We gratefully remember Fr. M.J.More SJ, who purchased the presbytery and Fr. Frank Lobo SJ, the first parish priest since St. Ann's became an independent parish church. Hats off to Fr. Modest CMI, who took over as the second parish priest. Under his able guidance there were many developments for the parish including the opening of St. Ann's Annexe, the social centre and organising of the Christian colony. Fr. Jose Varikassery CMI and Fr. Joseph Madhuravely CMI served the parish in diverse ways during Fr. Modest's tenure. I deem it my duty to recall with admiration and gratitude the selfless services of my predecessors whose vision, toil and generosity have been effectively present at the different stages of the parish frowth and developments . Mention must be made of the CMI fathers.

Fr. John Naduvathusery, Fr. Cyriac Kannexhath, Fr. John Kodankandath, Fr. Mathew Palithottam, Fr. Jacob Marangattu, Fr. Anthony Vattakunnel, Fr. Pius Areeplackal, Fr. Thomas Cheeramkunnel, Fr. George Areekuzhy,Fr. Jose Pulavelil, Fr. Roy Vakkayil, Fr. Martin Mallath, Fr. Abraham Kzhakkekatt and Fr. Sebastian Vayalilpurayidathil, who, with much love and concern guided the destinies of St. Ann's church. Their outstanding services in the field of faith formation of the parish community can never be forgotten

Present Parish Priest

Fr. Vinod

Rev.Fr.Vinod Kannat